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Please read the following document carefully.
If you have any questions, please email us at support [at] melapus.com or call +30 2103004545

In order to better serve the needs of the community, health care services are now available through interactive telecommunication and / or electronic information transmission. This process is referred to as "telemedicine". Telemedicine includes the use of electronic communications so that doctors and other mental health professionals in different locations can share - provide individual medical information and services to patients to improve their care. Mental Health Professionals may include psychiatrists, psychologists, child psychologists and child psychologists and general practitioners trained in formal psychotherapeutic techniques (cognitive, classical psychoanalysis, etc.)

Telemedicine overall includes the provision of mental health services including, but not limited to, mental health care, diagnosis, treatment, medical data transfer (medical opinion), treatment, consultation, monitoring and / or education using interactive audio communications , video and / or data. Telemedicine includes, with the consent or instruction of the patient under consideration, the communication of his or her medical and mental health information, orally and visually, to other health professionals of the patient's choice and may include any of the following:

· Medical records of patient reports
· Medical images (axial magnetic or mri eg ct)
· Live two-way audio and video (video session)
· Data from medical devices and audio and video files (ultrasound holtter u / s)

The electronic systems used by the Melapus.com Platform include network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of patient identification and imaging data and include measures to safeguard data and ensure their integrity against willful or unintentional sabotage hacking). Since telemedicine offers groundbreaking services, different from the way they are so far provided in the field of mental health, it is important to understand and agree with the following.

The expected benefits include, but are not limited to:

1. Improved access to healthcare.
2. Avoiding transport and traveling difficulties.
3. Minimize the difficulties of childcare.
4.Health Professionals can contact your family in your natural environment from the comfort of your home.
5. More effective assessment and management of your mental health.
6. Access to the opinion and instructions of a remote scientist.
7. Access to mental health providers 24 hours a day 365 days of the security of your home.

Potential Hazards:
Although rare, there are risks associated with the use of telemedicine. These risks include, but are not limited to:

1. The transmitted information may not be sufficient (eg bad picture resolution or connection quality / streaming) to allow reception of appropriate healthcare decisions.
2. Delays in evaluation and treatment may occur due to technical failures or interruptions (internet connection, etc.)
3. Failure to access full healthcare records, including mental health records, may result in poor therapeutic effects or mishandling.

Need for personal immediate assessment
If it becomes clear that the telemedicine tool is unable to provide all the relevant clinical information during a session using telemedicine, the certified professional must notify the patient before the end of the live telemedicine meeting. The professional should also advise the patient before completing the live telemedicine meeting of any need for the patient to obtain an additional personal medical assessment reasonably capable of meeting the patient's needs.

By signing this form, I understand the following:
1. I understand that the laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of medical information also apply to telemedicine. I understand that the information that
I shared during my treatment are generally confidential. There are, however, mandatory and permissible exceptions to confidentiality, including, but not limited to, information proving the possibility of imminent harm to any person or to others, including emotional and intellectual injuries, with or without legal consequences. I also understand that the dissemination or publication of any personally identifiable images or information from the session using telemedicine with researchers or other entities will not take place without my consent. (See also the HIPAA Communication 1, which we comply with, on confidentiality and protection practices personal data.)
2. I understand that I have the right to withhold or withdraw my consent to the use of telemedicine during my treatment at any time without prejudice to my right to future care or treatment.
3. I understand that I have the right to inspect all the information received and recorded in writing during a telemedicine session by my charge. I also understand that it is forbidden to record an image or sound or combinations.
4. I understand that a variety of alternative health care methods may be available and that I can choose one or more of them at any time. I understand that I can ask the professional about my alternative methods of treatment instead of telemedicine.
5. I understand that telemedicine may include electronic communication of my personal medical information with other physicians and GPs. which can be located anywhere else, with my explicit consent.

1 HIPPA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act6. I understand that it is my duty to inform for both online and non-electronic interactions about my treatment that I may have with other healthcare providers.
7. I understand that services and care based on telemedicine can not produce the same results or be complete as the services provided face to face. I also understand that if the professional thinks I'm better served by another form of service (eg face to face services) or person and if he / she is unable to provide them, he / she will refer me to a professional who can provide such services in my area. Finally, I understand that there are potential risks and benefits associated with any form of treatment and that despite my efforts and the efforts of my Therapist, the condition I may suffer from will not improve and in some cases may even get worse.
8. I understand that I can expect all the benefits of using telemedicine in my treatment without its results being guaranteed.
9. I understand that in the event of an undesirable response to treatment or in the event of failure to communicate as a result of technical or technological failures, I will seek the continuation of my treatment or the assistance, following a recommendation by the professional.
10. I understand that it is not allowed to use online ΕΟΠΥ prescription to the users of the platform.

In emergencies, (suicidal ideation, heterogeneous ideation, etc.) DO NOT use counselling via the platform or the platform itself, but call 166 and go to the nearest on-call psychiatric hospital

Complaints against psychologists or psychiatrists, like all healthcare providers from whom the patient has received services, should be reported to the competent Medical Association or any other competent body (Panhellenic Medical Association, Panhellenic Psychological Association, Association of Greek Psychologists, etc.)

The Melapus platform does not bear any responsibility for any acts, omissions, any kind of advice or remedy that the professional give using it.

In any case, there is the possibility to submit complaints through the electronic address support [at] melapus.com or by dialing the number: +30 210 30045454

For more information please visit: www.melapus.com

Patient consent for the use of telemedicine have read and understood the information provided above about the use of telemedicine and I understand that I have the opportunity to discuss it with the professionals or similar consultants, just as described above. I accept my briefing, and I agree that I will use telemedicine in my care. In addition, I agree that the parties involved are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the healthcare information submitted to them or for any errors in their electronic transmission. In this case, I authorize the professional which I will choose and the MELAPUS platform and its employees, agents and independent contractors, to use telemedicine during my diagnosis and treatment.

Last Revised: December 27, 2017

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